The real France finally shows up

The score does not reflect the performance in France’s 4-3 win over Argentina. Les Bleus, strongly criticized after their dismal game versus Denmark, upped their gear against the Albiceleste. Kylian Mbappe won a penalty and scored 2 goals to send Lionel Messi out of the World Cup. In the other game of the day, Edinson Cavani’s double saw Ronaldo and Portugal eliminated. The World’s two best players in recent history are going back home.  Continue reading The real France finally shows up

Russia 2018: Upcoming must-watch games

Do you not speak football fluently? Are you having trouble picking which games to watch in the group stage? Was France v Peru too boring for you? Or did you fall asleep  halfway through Egypt v Uruguay? Do not worry, The Overhead Kick is here for you. Here’s our list of upcoming must-watch games from now until Tuesday the 26th. The list is in order of expected explosiveness.
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Croatia beating Argentina is no upset

Croatia qualified for the Round of 16 of the World Cup in an impressive fashion today. Lionel Messi and his star-studded Argentina were dealt a salty 3-0 loss. After a 1-1 draw against Iceland, the Albiceleste’s fate is no longer in it’s own hands. Croatia have deservedly won their both their games. The footballing World seemed to be rocked by the result today but the Croatian victory will not come as a surprise to  anybody who have been following this team.  Continue reading Croatia beating Argentina is no upset

Major upsets over the weekend; more to come!

Matchday 4’s biggest surprise was Mexico’s victory against Germany. This World Cup could be one with major upsets with Argentina having also drawn first time participants Iceland and France struggled to beat the Socceroos 2-1. It’s also a World Cup where teams which are not considered household World Cup nations are being ridiculously underestimated. Smaller footballing nations have evolved and can count on players playing in top leagues with their clubs.  Continue reading Major upsets over the weekend; more to come!

France toil to beat underrated Socceroos

Match day 3 provided plenty of entertainment for us football fans. Croatia deservedly beat an underwhelming Nigeria side. Peru missed an early penalty against Denmark and ended up regretting it as Poulsen scored the winner in the second half. France toiled to defeat Australia and as usual, the unending wave of critics started before the game was even over. The coup of the day goes to Iceland, who in their first game in a World Cup, kept Lionel Messi’s Argentina at bay with their Viking-style shield wall defence. Continue reading France toil to beat underrated Socceroos