Resuming Leagues After Pandemic Is Only Fair Solution

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all top level leagues are now suspended until further notice. Plenty of solutions have been brought forward, with many believing all competitions should be canceled, skipping the 2019-2020 season as if it never happened but the Overhead Kick would like to make the case for resumption once the pandemic is over, for this seems to be the only solution that is fair to all clubs.

First of all, you can go here to get reliable information on the Coronavirus. You can also monitor updates and guidelines from the World Health Organization here. You can save lives by staying home and only going out for essential activities. Work from home if possible. Do not panic but please be careful!

When the EPL was suspended, Liverpool was at the top, while West Ham was lingering above the relegation zone, in grave danger of dropping to the Championship next season. No wonder Karen Brady, a top executive at West Ham, proposed the league be scrapped and that the next season start from the point the 2018-2019 one ended. This proposal was met harshly by ex-Liverpool player Jamie Carragher, whose club was within a few points of a long awaited league title.

A similar scenario panned out in Ligue 1, with Lyon’s Jean-Michel Aulas also speaking out in favor of canceling the current French league edition, with his club in seventh place, far away from a Champions League spot. Marseille’s President Jacques-Henri Eyraud, whose club is flying high in second place, rightfully condemned Aulas for his opportunism amid the tragedy that is COVID-19.

Once the pandemic is over (and in the above cases even before it’s over), clubs will want a decision that is in their favor. No matter how you spin it around, there is only one fair way of resolving this:

  • All football should be suspended until the pandemic is under complete control and poses no danger to football players and fans.
  • The current season should resume once the pandemic is under complete control.

There is no other way of proceeding that is in any way fair to all parties involved.

Liverpool have pretty much won the league title and they did so fair and square. Only Watford and Manchester United managed to take points from Klopp’s team. They have been waiting for this league title for a long time now and it would be unfair to cancel the season when they are a mere few points away from winning it.

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Some Manchester United fans might disagree, due to the rivalry with Liverpool and their unwillingness to see the club with the second most titles get another one after so long. However, this is short-sighted and shows a lack of sportsmanship. Not to mention United would also benefit from the season resuming once it is safe to do so. Ole’s team, energized with the acquisition of Fernandes and Ighalo and the return from injury of key players, were on an impressive 11-game unbeaten streak. They have the chance of finishing this season strong with two potential trophies and Champions League qualification.

Speaking of the Champions League, this season has seen what us football fanatics love to see in the game: underdogs beating the odds! Leipzig and Atalanta qualified for the quarter finals for the first time in their history. How is it fair for either of these teams if the Champions League was canceled?

As Jamie Carragher has mentioned recently, if the football authorities found a way to accommodate Qatar 2022 in the middle of the season, they can surely find a way to resume the current season.

Anything else would be unfair.


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