Madrid Derby Combined XI

The game of the weekend is certainly the Madrid derby. Real Madrid is second after 6 games with Atletico only one point behind them in 5th position. Zidane’s Real has been criticized for their poor form since the Frenchman joined for a second stint as manager at the end of last season, even though the Rojiblancos are ahead of title rivals Barcelona and Atletico.

There has been more positivity surrounding Atletico with their new gem Joao Felix aptly filling in an Antoine Griezmann shaped hole in Simeone’s squad.

Let’s take a look at how a combined eleven would look for these two teams, based on current form:


Eden Hazard and Courtois are notable absentees, with the former having not played enough to make his case and the latter having kept only one clean sheet in months. Zidane is also finding the left back position problematic. Simeone on the other hand has found a solid replacement for Lucas Hernandez, who moved to Bayern Munich.

Let me know in the comments section what you think of the combined eleven. What would you do differently?

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