ManUnited – Liverpool Combined XI

The big game of the weekend (and of the season for United and Liverpool fans) is definitely Manchester United hosting Liverpool at Old Trafford.

United entered the top four recently and have Arsenal and Chelsea breathing down their neck. With Spurs having lost against Burnley today, Solskjaer’s men have the chance to close in on third place.

Liverpool on their end need at least a draw to get back the first position. City lead the league only on goal difference but having played a game more than Liverpool. This weekend, while City play Chelsea in the EFL Cup final, Liverpool can claim back first place.

Both sides will play to win this one, which will make it an enthralling game.

As usual, the overhead kick came up with a combined eleven. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

lineup (1)
Man Utd – Liverpool Combined XI

Anthony Martial narrowly misses out in favor of Sadio Mane. The Senegalese’s stats gave him an edge. He has also been playing more than Martial, who missed out part of the season being out of favor under Mourinho or through injury.


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