Boxing Day: The football lover’s Christmas!

Today is the 26th of December, meaning a day of Premier League football celebration. Regular folks got their christmas yesterday; us football lovers have ours today. Boxing day brings loads of happy memories. Celebrating the holidays with family and watching plenty of Premier League fixtures: what more could we ask for?

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The festive periods, while taxing for players and managers, are very exciting for fans. This year, from December 21st to the 3rd of January, there are four gameweeks including major top of the table clashes like Manchester City v Liverpool and Liverpool v Arsenal. Sit down and enjoy the show. I certainly plan on doing so.

This period is also the time when the whole footballing world focuses on the Premier League because all the other major leagues are off. Many EPL managers have argued in the past this is why English teams have struggled in Europe recently but this is not necessarily true since English teams have won their fair share of Champions Leagues.

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If we were to stop this tradition, it would be a big hit for the fans. It does not look like it wil happen any time soon. Let’s enjoy our footballing christmas today!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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Photo from Pexels

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