Manchester is blue-er than ever

Manchester City defeated their red neighbors with ease in today’s derby, Guardiola’s men started the game well, with the foot on the gas pedal and dominated Manchester United for large periods of the game. Mourinho’s men tried to put up a fight, giving fans a glimmer of hope when Martial cut City’s lead in half in the 58th minute, but ultimately Pep’s team was just too strong.

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United were lucky to beat Bournemouth and especially Juventus in recent games. In both games, they were down 1-0 and came back from behind to win 2-1. Today started in the same way with United’s shambolic defending contributing to an early David Silva goal. However, against a team of this quality, it was always going to be tough to come back. Had Paul Pogba been on the pitch, Manchester United would have been a different beast. With the frenchman in the stands, they looked quite inoffensive. Even the introduction of Juan Mata could not save them this time.

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Manchester City on the other hand did everything almost perfectly. In some instances their finishing was inexplicably poor. Had it not been the case, United could easily have taken a 6-goal drubbing like Shakhtar and Southampton did in City’s previous two games. The title retention campaign is well on. One major difference between United and City is that on the blue side of town even the most creative of players are willing to track back and always press to recover the ball for the team. With such a well oiled collective, City can easily conquer England again.

It had been four years since City beat United at home. They have finally done it again. However, regardless of the result today, Manchester has been blue ever since Sir Alex Ferguson left.

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Photo by Kenky from Pixabay

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