Liverpool-ManCity clashes now most anticipated EPL games

The biggest EPL game of the weekend is Sunday’s showdown between the current champions Manchester City and the main contender for this year’s crown, Liverpool! Given the quality on both sides, and previous games having entertained fans and neutrals alike, this promises to be one of the best show-downs of the seasons so far.

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With Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola in the same league, at the helm of the two Manchester clubs, the expectation would be that this would be the league’s greatest rivalry. Mourinho and Guardiola go way back after all. Their Real Madrid – Barcelona feud of old was eclectic and always controversial. However, due to the bad atmosphere, negative style and poor results on the red side of Manchester, it’s clear that City are way ahead of their neighbors at the moment.

Instead of the Manchester rivalry, Manchester city’s main concern is now the new contender from Merseyside: Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool. Klopp and Guardiola also have a history, having managed Dortmund and Bayern Munich respectively in the Bundesliga. Guardiola came on top in terms of trophies, but a huge reason behind that was Bayern’s eternal monopoly over German talent in the league and their unmatchable resources.

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Liverpool, on the other hand, have no dearth of resources to support Klopp. The German tactician is now better equipped to sign top players and keep existing stars at the club. Last season, they blasted Manchester City out of the way in style, to reach the Champions League final. The Guardiola-Klopp rivalry is now more even than it was in the Bundesliga.

The cherry on the cake is both teams can play attacking football which any football purist will salivate at. Liverpool’s energetic pressing and quick attacks against City’s possession based, Barcelona-style, beautiful game.

May the best team win!


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Photo by Tom Grimbert on Unsplash

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