We have a Neymar challenge winner!

Remember the World Cup in Russia? The one which France won? Well, as much as that World Cup will be remembered for Didier Deschamps’ team’s exploits, it is also the moment where the infamous Neymar Challange was born. With the Brazilian diving all over the pitch at the slightest touch, the World reacted by attempting to do the same in everyday life.

This has provided us with some amazing, hilarious videos, with even Neymar himself showing his appreciation at the challenge getting so much popularity. One particular Youtube star came well ahead of the others.

Former investment banker QPark got it spot on with his enactment of Neymar’s shenanigans in real life, while wearing a Brazil jersey!

Honorable mention: The Neymar Challenge – Goat Category:


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Photo by Gustavo Ferreira on Unsplash

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