Mourinho’s tough love sparked Shaw renaissance

After a few years of misery at Manchester United, Luke Shaw is finally enjoying his football and some well deserved respect from the footballing world. The left back has started and completed all four of United’s games and has been singled out by his manager for his amazing performance and will to give everything for his team. He was voted first Player of the Month for this season at his club and also won Goal of the Month for his superbly taken goal against Leicester City in the season opener. The cherry on the cake was being selected by Gareth Southgate to represent the national team again. Luke Shaw is back!

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The Englishman has been at the receiving of end of lot of criticism from his manager over the past 2 years.  Ever since coming back from an injury which almost handicapped him, Shaw has not lived up to his reputation as one of Britain’s best full backs and Mourinho has been very vocal about it. This tough love approach is one the Portuguese loves to try out on his players. Shaw himself ackowledged Mourinho was right in doing so and that it forced him to try to make his coach eat his own words, which he eventually did. Even after losing 0-3 to Spurs, his manager praised Shaw for his never-say-die attitude.

I think he got frustrated with me because he knew I could do better. When I look back, maybe he was right. It was a tough few years but it made me stronger mentally. I wanted to prove to him I can do what he said I couldn’t. I had a chat with the manager before the season and he said he wanted me to stay. I’ve matured. You could say I’ve gone from a kid to a man. I know what I need to do to push myself. I want to play for Manchester United, stay there and prove my worth to the team. – Luke Shaw (Source: SkySports)

As much as the press would like to paint Mourinho as a bad guy, he clearly knew what he was doing. Shaw is back stronger than ever.

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We often overlook the mental health aspect of the game. After enduring an injury through which he could have lost his leg, Luke Shaw had the courage and willpower to come back and survive that trauma. The fact that he has been able to come back and play at the highest level shows how steely the man’s character is. We tend to forget how young Shaw is. That’s because he started impressing at Southampton very early in his career and earned his move to United on a huge salary at 18 years old. He is now 23.


If United extend his deal, Mourinho keeps improving the player and Shaw stays injury free, the mancunian outfit could have a world class left back for the next 10 years. Who said Mourinho does not improve any players? Shaw and Fellaini are shining examples of the Portuguese’s motivational skills.

Keep up the good work, Luke!


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Picture by nbostanova from Pixabay

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