No country deserves World Cup more than France

France did not necessarily play the best football today. They still scored four goals past a very good Croatia side. That’s cause for worry for every single nation who will be facing Les Bleus in the next few years. A French team full of young stars prevailed over blooded Croatian veterans without being at their best. That’s another cause for celebration for France! Watch out, Euro 2020!

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Les Bleus had one of the best squads in the beginning of the tournament but started slowly and did the strict minimum to win their group. That’s when France’s World Cup started. Argentina, Uruguay, Belgium, Croatia – that’s the hardest possible road to winning the World Cup and the French rose to the occasion. They had a champion’s route and they took it!

France’s individuals would probably dominate a team of the tournament if we were to make one. Lloris (despite his error in the final, he made plenty of crucial saves), Pavard (what a goal against Argentina!), Varane (General of the defense), Umtiti (solid defensively, winner against Belgium), Hernandez (strength, guile), Kante (Mr. Omnipresent), Pogba (The Complete Midfielder), Griezmann (the attacker who can defend) and Kylian Mbappe (Scourge of Argentina, Best Young Player at the World Cup)! All of them made their country proud!

On a non-footballisic point of view, France has suffered from cowardly terrorist attacks in the past few years and badly needed a pick-me-up! Boy did the French players deliver one! With morale down and a lot of criticism coming their way, Les Bleus delivered in great fashion. They provided so much joy and pride to a nation in distress. It was refreshing seeing Emmanuel Macron, the French president, hug the French squad, like a little boy meeting his idols. Better scenes than Hollande consoling the country after terrorist attacks.

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Next point: DIDIER DESCHAMPS deserves this! The France coach has to be one of the most under-appreciated football people of all time. He has the best record in French football as a player and also now as a coach. He joins an illustrious list of player and coach World Cup winners. The only two to have achieved this are Brazil’s Zagallo and Germany’s Beckbenbauer. Zidane may have won 3 consecutive Champions Leagues but this trumps his achievement. You cannot buy the World’s best players at a World Cup – you play with what you have.

France have participated in 3 of the last 6 World Cup finals, out of which two were won. They also were runners-up at Euro 2016 and lost to eventual winner Germany in the 2014 World Cup. This means the French have been strongly present at major tournaments recently and quite deserve this one!

Kudos to Croatia for getting this far and making the final an entertaining game! Luka Modric fully deserves the player of the tournament award, although we would have given it to Raphael Varane because he actually won the cup and the number of times defensive players have been ignored for major individual awards is astounding. The last defender to win the Ballon D’Or was Fabio Cannavaro in 2006. Let that sink in. As good as Messi and Ronaldo are, I’d like to see them win trophies without great defensive players.

Special mention: IVAN PERISIC! He showed his worth today and also against the English with an assist and a goal. No wonder Mourinho was trying him to buy him from Inter Milan.

France are now two-times World Cup winners. With such a young team, they are bound to be the team to avoid at Euro 2020. Deschamps won the European championship and World Cup as a player. He will now try to win the same as a coach. Beware, Europe!


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