How Hugo Lloris crucified Netherlands, Italy and Germany

Sweden are out but they had a good run. From the qualifiers, the scandinavian outfit have dispatched Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. We’d like to think a certain mistake by French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris had something to do with it.

10/6/2017  – World Cup qualifiers – Group A: Sweden vs France: Les Bleus had Sweden held 1-1, a favorable result for the French but also for the Dutch national team who were also part of the group. In the 93rd minute, French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris makes a huge mistake with a clearance. Ola Toivonen took a right-footed shot from more than 35 yards out to make it 2-1 for the Swedes.

That goal would have unthinkable ramifications for the European elite for the year to come. The Netherlands would finish third in the group with the same number of points as Sweden so that Lloris howler would have left Sweden with 2 points less and sent the Dutch to the playoffs.

In the playoffs, Sweden saw off an aging Italian team. For the first time in forever (yes, we quoted that from Frozen), there would be no Azzurri at a World Cup.

In Russia, The Swedes topped their group to the detriment of the 2014 champions Germany. After sending Lindt chocolate home, the Swedes crashed to Fish&Chips in the quarter finals. The Swedes could not quite perform to their level against the English but after executing a kill list with the likes of Netherlands, Italy and Germany, they were probably out of gas.

Disclaimer: This is nothing more than a funny anecdote – we are not conspiracy theorists.

Well done, Sweden! Think before you act, Hugo!

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