A day for goalkeepers!

Igor Akinfeev (Russia), Kasper Schmeichel(Denmark) and Danijel Subasic (Croatia) made all goalkeepers around the World proud today by massively affecting the games they were involved in. 

Akinfeev made some important saves during the Russia-Spain game and also during the penalty shootout. You can read about it here: Russian gamble pays off

The second game of the day started well enough with 2 goals in the first 4 minutes, one for each team. After that, the game slowly lulled fans into sleep until the end of the second half of extra time. Milan Badelj found himself one on one with Kasper Schmeichel. He went past the stopper and right when he was about to score was fouled by Denmark’s Jorgensen. To everybody’s surprise, the Argentine referee only showed him a yellow card. He should have been sent off.

On the ensuing penalty, Kasper Schmeichel impressively saved Luka Modric’s shot. You cannot help feel this was a bit unfair for Croatia since Badelj would have put them one up but for the foul from Jorgensen but this does not take anything from Kasper Schmeichel’s save. His father Peter, The Great Dane, was a proud father in the stands.

For the second time today, a game was going to be decided on penalties. What unfolded next was a tale of amazing goalkeepers doing everything they can to send their team to the quarter finals. Schmeichel saved two penalties while his counterpart Subasic stopped three of them. Ultimately Subasic made the difference and Ivan Rakitic scored the winning penalty.

Croatia will face Russia in the quarter finals. This is the second quarter final in which we know the participants after France and Uruguay won their games yesterday.

Moment of the day: Peter Schmeichel cheering his son from the stands during Croatia-Denmark.

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Photo by ÁLVARO MENDOZA on Unsplash

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