Russian gamble pays off

Some will say it was negative football, an unspectacular game, ugly play and what not. I say it’s a gamble which paid off for Cherchesov. He made optimal use of very limited resources and Russia is now in the quarter finals of the World Cup. We always cheer for offensive players but this time the day belongs to the Russian defence and their lieutenant IGOR AKINFEEV!

The 2010 champions are now out of the World Cup alongside 2014 champions Germany, 2014 finalists Argentina and Euro 2016 winners Portugal. This is a World Cup of surprises! Fernando Hierro cannot be blamed since he only had a few days to prepare this Spanish team after Lopetegui was sacked. If anything, the Spanish federation will come under fire for destabilizing their own team two days before a World Cup.

Looking forward to more drama in Russia!

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Photo by RonnyK from Pixabay!

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