Russia 2018: Upcoming must-watch games

Do you not speak football fluently? Are you having trouble picking which games to watch in the group stage? Was France v Peru too boring for you? Or did you fall asleep  halfway through Egypt v Uruguay? Do not worry, The Overhead Kick is here for you. Here’s our list of upcoming must-watch games from now until Tuesday the 26th. The list is in order of expected explosiveness.

Group F: Germany v Sweden

When: Saturday 23/6 2pm EST.

Why: The 2014 World Cup champions (Germany) surprisingly lost their opening game against a feisty Mexican side. While the score line was a respectable 1-0, that does not tell the full story of the game. Germany were not prepared to deal with their opponent’s pace and technical ability. Sweden, on the other hand, defeated South Korea 1-0, courtesy of a Granqvist penalty. Both those results combined make it a must-win fixture for the Germans while Sweden could be okay with a draw. Germany will unleash their offence upon Sweden and this should be a marvel to watch.

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Group B: Iran v Portugal

When: Monday 25/6 2pm EST.

Why: Group B is very tight right now. Spain and Portugal each have 4 points and Iran 3. Morocco are already out of the World Cup and will face Spain in their last game. Since this game is not competitive for Morocco but rather a consolation one, there’s no telling what the African nation will produce on the pitch. So Spain could very well earn an easy 3 points, leaving Portugal and Iran to battle it out for the other knockout phase spot.

Iran have shown much drive and aggressiveness in their last 2 games, especially against Spain after Costa’s goal. Portugal can settle for a draw and qualify so the onus will be on Iran to attack. Iranian coach Carlos Quieroz knows this Portuguese team  and it’s captain, Cristiano Ronaldo very well, from his days as Portugal coach and also as Manchester United assistant back in the Ferguson days. He will have a good game plan to go in and win the game.

If you need any more reasons to watch this game, Cristiano Ronaldo will be playing. That’s more than enough!

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Group D: Nigeria v Argentina

When: Tuesday 26/6 2pm EST.

Why: Argentina are having one of the worse World Cups in their history. With a stellar squad and a coach who has proven himself on the international stage with arch-rivals Chile, this should have been the tournament where Argentina challenge for a third World Cup triumph. Instead they are a team in crisis. After a 1-1 draw with Iceland and a severe 3-0 defeat to Croatia, the Albiceleste need to win this one and hope Iceland do not equal or beat their result. Nigeria have 3 points but need to win as well, as they cannot rely on Croatia to play their A-team to defeat Iceland.

This should be a good game full of goals. These two met in a pre-World Cup friendly and it ended 4-2 for Nigeria, with plenty of drama.

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Group F: Mexico v South Korea

When: Saturday 23/6 11am EST.

Why: This one is simple. If Mexico can replicate their performance against Germany and considering this is a must-win for South Korea, this should be a very entertaining game. Both team have plenty of pace. Watch out for EPL duo Chicharito Hernandez (West Ham, Mexico) and Son Heung-Min (Spurs, South Korea).

Group H: Poland v Colombia

When: Sunday 24/6 2pm EST.

Why: Poland and Colombia were the two favorites to get out of this group but after defeats to Senegal and Japan respectively, their World Cup campaign is suddenly in jeopardy. Both teams will look to attack and win this one. There will also be lots of quality players facing off in this game, with some of them (arguably) even in the world class subset (Falcao, James Rodriguez, Lewandowski).

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We hope you enjoy these games and please follow us on Facebook for more: @theoverheadkick

Photo by Gellinger from Pixabay

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