Major upsets over the weekend; more to come!

Matchday 4’s biggest surprise was Mexico’s victory against Germany. This World Cup could be one with major upsets with Argentina having also drawn first time participants Iceland and France struggled to beat the Socceroos 2-1. It’s also a World Cup where teams which are not considered household World Cup nations are being ridiculously underestimated. Smaller footballing nations have evolved and can count on players playing in top leagues with their clubs. They are here to play!

Iceland, Australia and Mexico show their mettle

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Iceland, while new to the World Cup scene, showed what they are made of at Euro 2016. Nobody should be surprised at their grit and physicality. Australia have a well rounded team with a couple of World Cup finalists at the helm. Mexico has experienced players with more than 50 caps and some of them play in Europe’s top leagues. Juan Carlos Osorio, while unfamiliar in the rest of the World, is well-know in the Americas and is probably the best coach right now to take this Mexican team deep in the knockout stages.

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Overrated Brazil draw 1-1 against Switzerland

Matchday 4 brought us an appetizing Brazil-Switzerland. The 5-time record World Cup champions were entering the competition as favorites, boasting the likes of Neymar, Coutinho, Gabriel Jesus, Marcelo, Casemiro, Thiago Silva… the list goes on and on and on. While on paper, this Brazil team would scare the bejesus out of any team, in reality they are far from being invincible. The Swiss can play and boy they did!

Neymar was marked out of the game and will only be remembered for his diving shenanigans. In his absence, Coutinho took over with a wonderful strike – a trademark Coutinho curled shot. After that, Switzerland stuck to their game plan. Mark Neymar out of the game, play on the counter. Behrami and Xhaka did not hesitate to foul and play dirty. With Shaqiri not folding back as much as he should, new Arsenal right back Lichtsteiner did well against Marcelo, Neymar and Coutinho who were all assaulting the left flank.

“I remember when we used to play against the Arsenal team when they had (Robert) Pires, (Thierry) Henry and Ashley Cole all bombing down that side. It felt like there was a massive weight of attack after attack after attack. You’ve got Marcelo, Coutinho and Neymar down that side and then you’ve got Shaqiri in front. We talked before the game, Shaqiri is just, to be fair he’s lazy. There’s no other word for him. He will not run back.” – Gary Neville

Serbia take control of Group E

Earlier on Matchday 4, Serbia took all 3 points against Costa Rica, courtesy of a brilliant Kolarov freekick. The question has to be asked, who did it better? Ronaldo or Kolarov?

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Group E: Serbia lead the group with 3 points. Brazil and Switzerland come next with 1 each. Costa Rica is at he bottom with 0 points.

Group F: Mexico top the group with their win against Germany, who are at the bottom. South Korea and Sweden play today and both have 0 points.

What’s next?

Group F and G are next:

  • 8:00 AM EST Sweden v South Korea
  • 11:00 AM EST Belgium v Panama
  • 2:00 PM EST Tunisia v England


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Photo by Quince Media on Pixabay

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