Mourinho’s crazy World Cup final prediction

Did you happen to catch Mourinho’s World Cup prediction for the final?

The Manchester United manager had Portugal v Brazil and Germany v Argentina in the semi finals. Accepting he is making the emotional decision, Jose picked Portugal for the final, with Argentina joining them. The third place aka “the little final” would be a replay of the semi final game in Brazil 2014 where the Germans famously beat the hosts 7-1. The final itself would be between Ronaldo’s Portugal and Messi’s Argentina.

With a wonderful smile, Mourinho says “I can’t do it, I can’t do it!”.

He procedes to explain the final will go in extra time and ELEVEN (yes, you read that right, 11!) penalties for each team would still keep Portugal and Argentina level. Then the 12th penalty would be taken by Messi and Ronaldo for their respective teams. After having built up all his fantasy story, Mourinho sadly left the finale for the viewer’s imagination.

“And I leave [the rest] to your imagination”.


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